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Bijay Kumar Jain Started In the year of 1992 wIth hard work, abmbition, discipline and proper managment of timing any kind of hard work and all kind of problems can be solved easily. Bijay Kumar Jain, a ambitious, punctual, hard work workerand disciplined born on 29th September, 1956 in state of west bengal in Jiyaganj Kasba in Murshidabad Distict, In the year 1973 he completed his in Kolkata and started making liquid of music record at age of 17.

He came in the city of Mumbai and learnt acting to act in films but there was no one to help so he faced a lots of difficulties and being unsuccessful in films. Bijay Kumar jain started a video Library, but at that there was a huge malafida activities in the business of video, Bijay Kumar Jain established Video Library owners Association and became a Founder Chairman of the same. To raise the voice against the illegally in the said business they forced to closeed 3000 Video Library spread all over Mumbai.

After sometime he put a step into a journalism and have published Video Boom, a English magazine and for the publication he blessed by Shri Amitabh Bachan, Subhash Ghai and other reputed personalities from the film industry.

In the year 1992 he also published a ‘East-West Andheri Times Hindi’, a Andheri Weekly Newspaper and all class of generation was Very crazy for said newspaper because students of Medhavi were being honored by the said weekly newspaper and due to a huge success of said newspaper he also published E.W. Andheri Times in English, Marathi and Gujarati. In the year 2002 Bijay Kumar Jain moved to Print Media through Electronic Media and started Brown EYE TV News Channel which was a main TV Channel in the Mumbai Suburban.

Due to bad and poor financial crises Bijay Kumar Jain had closed the said channel and he was nowhere for the period of 2 years, but big ambitious He entered in the field of business and published a ‘Jinagam’ monthly magazine of Jain Community with new look and within a short period ‘Jinagam’ created a history in Jain Community and look the beautiful printing and knowledge, Mr. Dilip Shah, the President of ‘Jaina’, an American Co. came to Mumbai and specially met Bijay Kumar Jain and compared with ‘Jain Digest’ (English Magazine) of America and Bijay Kumar Jain gathered all the communities relating to Jain, wherein the same is shortly come into truth

Being a Rajasthani, Bijay Kumar Jain started publication of monthly magazine ‘Mera Rajasthan’ in order to get Rajasthani Community close with each other which spread all over the world.

In order to bring cleanliness in the field of politics he started ‘Mai Bharat Hu’ which made a main magazine in the field of politics to which Congress President Sonia Gandhi and others have appreciated.

After establishing ‘Jinagam Foundation (N.G.O.) he started the mission for security, goraksha, ‘Jain Unity’ and Save Girl.

Bijay Kumar Jain established ‘Apno Rajasthan’ for Rajasthanis and have organized a Huge Festival on 28-30th March, 2015 on the occasion of ‘Rajsthan Divas’ at Vishnu Park, Goregaon, Mumbai in which ‘Rajasthani Film Festival’ was also organized in which all the film personalities of Rajasthan were participated.

Bijay Kumar Jain was use to upset in relation to ‘Apna Gaon-Apni Bhasha’ that as Rajasthani Languages is prevalent from Vedic period which has not got proper place in the 8th list of constitution and therefore had started the Historical mission to get recognition to Rajasthani Languages and for which the ‘Raj asthani Bhasha Vikas Yatra’ is organized on 19th July, 2015.

The grant of ‘Rajasthani Bhasha’ is now in action Very First Time ever in the history of world the International Rajasthani Trade Fair is organized by Bijay Kumar Jain.